I have made the decision in September 2019, to focus on other projects and tasks at hand, meaning that this site is now no longer a blog.

I have enjoyed blogging for the last decade of my life, but I feel other mediums are better for me to express myself with and I will be moving towards creating more content for Instagram, as well as more content for my podcast and potentially other channels in the future.

You can still read updates in the blog section, however this will be rarer than before, and will give brief updates on my life, as opposed to views, opinions and experiences. I will keep all previous blog posts available for people to read in the future.

It has been an absolute pleasure connecting with people over the last ten years from DIY Fashions, to my weight loss journey, through to what this blog is as I finish writing it. I hope you will join me on my other ventures and we can keep supporting each other.

I will still be blogging elsewhere, mainly for The Two Burrs as I make my way through life as a couple, and share our lives through that blog, and the processes we go through to get married, plan our wedding day, renovate our home, and live our lives with our two cats.

This homepage will change over time, but I want you to land where I explained why I no longer write that much here.

I’m sending my love and adoration to you all,