A self-gratifying log of my life, in the hopes some of it is relatable to someone who has struggled with the same things as myself – that’s not to say I am not completely aware of my privileges.

I am a 29 year old homosexual living in the North East of England, in the city of Hull. I grew up in an East Yorkshire village, went off to West Yorkshire to study at university and then found myself back in the arms of my family. I have worked as a carer in a mental health hospital and now work as a support worker in a homeless resettlement hostel.

I have been writing blogs for years, forever changing their names until something fits, but why not just keep it simple, use my name and have done with it? This is honestly what I want to write about: my experiences, my thoughts and my ideas. Best read with a hot cup of coffee when you’ve got a spare few minutes and really can’t browse through Pinterest anymore.