In Review.

It’s been a funny little year hasn’t it? It’s also been a busy one, but the good kind of busy, getting things in order, setting up what needs to be set up, getting on with life. I have commented, perhaps too often, on how busy I am, and how it isn’t always helpful, but I wouldn’t change 2019 for anything.

It has been custom in the past, for me to do a review of the year, but it would be amiss of me if I didn’t mention the hiatus I took from this blog since September 2019 – a hiatus I took because at the time I was just too busy to dedicate time to my blog, my job, my podcast, my role within a charity as well as have a life and do other projects. So I cut the longest running to be able to focus on getting all my other ducks in a row. I managed it, and then realised there were things I just wasn’t saying that I perhaps needed to say.

So, I decided to take down the homepage that you’d land on for this blog, delete the post that explained I had given up blogging and now we’re here, at the end (well, nearly) of 2019, looking back at the year.

Let’s start at the very beginning shall we, because I’ve heard, it’s a good place to start. In January, I joined Pride in Hull as their social media person – I had no definitive title at the time. I began working with the team on the 2019 event, having helped out previously at the 11th hour with social media stuff in 2017 and 2018. But in January I became an official part of the team. It was a fun experience. I got to be in the local papers, I got to be on radio, and create content with BBC No Filter on 50 years of LGBT history. July came around, the main event happened, which even though it came with stress, was something so magical to be part of. Then, August rolled around and I was made a trustee, and finally given a fancy title of ‘Community Inclusion Director’. That title basically means I am the one who has to make sure all of the community is represented, listen to them and try and factor in ways to include them, amongst other duties, and it’s honestly been a pleasure and blessing to be able to do it and engage with so many different people. I still do the social media too.

In January too, I teamed up with another person to produce the short-lived project “The Chunx” which was about body positivity. Eventually, it dissolved and I continued to post openly about my body and body positivity on my own instagram. It was a nice change, and within the whole year I have managed to almost double my following. In May 2019, I sat down to do a casting interview for a documentary series that I wasn’t cast for, and was eventually released this October on BBC 2 called “Who Are You Calling Fat?”. After that casting interview, I was approached by other production companies, but their content didn’t particularly fit me, so I turned a few of them down – my aim was not to just be on TV for the sake of being on TV.

Jump forward ever so slightly to March and we adopted Rupert, giving Willow a loving brother who actually terrorises her fairly regularly, but he’s also super cuddly and loving – except when he had a tummy ache, then he doesn’t like anyone.

It’s April now, and I released the first episode of my podcast Burr Necessities, and started having guests on. The first season has 12 episodes with ranging topics from queerness to body positivity, places the two intersect and basic life experiences. It has been a joy to produce, and whilst it hasn’t propelled me to podcast stardom, I still enjoy producing it, and will continue to do so with the second season that will premiere on 14th January 2020, and run for 20 episodes until 22 December 2020.

In June, I got to celebrate JK’s 30th birthday by embarrassing him in TGI Friday’s because he didn’t know if you told them it was your birthday, they’d sing to you. It was a masterpiece.

During August, just after the Pride event, I got to do a little DJ set at the Pride takeover of the Silent Disco at Humber Street Sesh which was also an amazing experience of listening to 400 people sing along to Lizzo and have the time of their lives. I got to be part of that, and to be honest, joining Pride has given me so many amazing opprtunities.

October rolled around, and the countdown through the final year of our wedding planning began. We did our legal bit, and sent out the save the dates, changed a few things around, and laid some very basic plans for what would be our ‘stag’ weekend. We got to see the faces of those we hand delivered save the dates to, and enjoy some of the excitement before it was back to trying to sort things out for it. We’re now very much under a year away, and have some of the more important things to sort out now. October too was when I got my new car – but I’m not really a car person so I trade up from my little Ford KA to a Vauxhall Mokka if you’re interested.

November was largely uneventful and then December has rolled around nicely.

December came, and as usually, I celebrated my birthday – 31 this time – over a week. It was fun just to have the time off to relax, and not worry. For once, December has truly been a time to reflect, and consider my options for the future. This has included decisions that I never thought I’d made, knowing that I am a little self-centred at times.

I realised that whilst celebrating my birthday lavishly over a week, that really, I was taking away from celebrating bigger milestones to come, so the decision was made to not make such a fuss until I turn 40 in 2028. Then, I’m making one hell of a fuss with my birthday.

I also realised that creating content is something I enjoy, and so along with the second season of my podcast, I’d go back to working on my project Burr With Me that I want to launch in Spring 2020. I’ll also continue doing my own social media and putting out the messages I want to put out, working alongside other people.

2020 is a big year for me. My sister turns 30, my mum turns 60, I get married to the love of my life. I get to be part of another Pride event, and do all the things I got to do this year again, but better, and to do more. I take it as a blessing, and look forward to all that I have to come, all the opportunities that come my way and all the things I can create.

So, whilst we’re still in the last few days of 2019, here’s to 2020. Let’s get to it.

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