Goodbye To The Blog.

I have been blogging for the last ten years. That’s a whole decade, and a third of my life, I have been sharing stories with people on the internet – most of which I do not know personally, but have supported me through the many reinventions and name changes over the years. When I started blogging, it wasn’t about how many people were reading it, it was just about writing for someone to read and I have perhaps been stuck in that form of blogging for a long time.

There was a point where I’d believe myself to be suffering with writers block, and again, perhaps that was true, but really what it was, was the early warning signs that I had written all that I needed to write. For the last few years I have been going around in circles, writing on the same subjects, using different words and hoping for a different result. That different result was never going to come, because I had worked through my traumas, and the ups and downs had all been told and I wasn’t ready to start reinventing again.

Instead, I pursued other projects including my podcast Burr Necessities, because that gave me a new outlet where not only I could just say what I wanted to say, but I could get other people to join me in what I was saying, and share new messages of hope and glory. That project is where I wanted to be, and it has taken me a long while to realise that for that to truly succeed, I have to take something else off my plate.

I could have taken off lesser developed projects like The Two Burrs, and focussed on this blog still, but that wouldn’t stop me going around and around in the same circles. I could have decided to change the content of my blog and start sharing new things, going out of the house more and making myself uncomfortable for content – that was never going to happen either. The thing is, I am still a home body, and writing two blogs on the same thing was just going to get even more boring for me to do.

So, in the early hours of September 4th, 2019, I chose to stop blogging. This will be my last proper blog post here for a while. The decision is both hard and easy, and it frees up a lot more time for me to do other things that I enjoy, but it means leaving something huge behind. Blogging has been part of my life for a decade, and now I’m just not doing it here.

Instead I’m turning this site into more of a general hub of what I am getting up to and what’s going on where. I want to pursue new things that open new doors for me. I may be 30 years old, but there’s life in me yet!

Because I chose the early hours of the morning to make this decision, this post is going out 12 hours later, to let everyone know that this choice has been made and that this site is changing. Everything will remain, new pages will come over time and so will new projects, and when there is a major update, there will be a blog post about it, but this just isn’t the same, and it’s not that much of a passion anymore.

To all the people that have read my blog, I want to say thank you. For all the people I have met through doing this, I am grateful for you being part of my story. I am sending love and adoration to you all, and I will speak to you all soon – mainly on September 10th, 2019 as that’s when my next podcast episode is released.

Thank you for everything reader,

Ted Burr

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