Check On Your Fat Mates.


It’s warm. It’s more than warm. It’s hot. The UK is currently experiencing a heatwave, and even though the Sun isn’t always shining, those pesky clouds are trapping in all the heat to what feels like unbearable levels. Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t like being cold either, but a nice middle ground is always appreciated. We’re just way above middle ground. I’m pretty sure Hell has burst from below and is leaking into the real world, or we’ve actually just moved way closer to the Sun than we previously believed.

Now, with a heatwave comes obviously, immense heat that everybody struggles with. Some people struggle more than others. We all try to find our way through it, whilst dripping with sweat, showering constantly and thinking that beer gardens are definitely the safe-haven we need. In fact, heatwaves are great for one thing: socialising.

So with that in mind, I am bringing to you one quest for the heatwave summer we have been promised and have already begun: check on your fat mates.

That may seem rude but let’s not forget that I am coming from this as a body positive fat person, who is also stuck in this heatwave. In fact, this morning I grabbed an ice lolly for my breakfast and a glass of ice to cool down after waking up, because it is still just too warm. And whilst everybody needs to make sure they are safe in this type of heat – seeking shade, drinking lots of water and making sure you wear your SPF, and reapply it regularly – I’m here to champion for your fat mates.

You see, whilst many people who have slimmer bodies may dress in more revealing clothes, or even whip their top off in public, it is often less acceptable for a fat person to do so, because we’re told being fat is shameful and nobody wants to see that. I have spent many a day recently in nothing but shorts, pants or completely nude at home, because I am at home, but in public I wouldn’t necessarily be seen dead with my top off because of the ‘shame’.

That shame means that I get to be covered from head to toe and sweat all day long, and I’ll tell you something, I sweat from places I didn’t even know could be as sweaty as they get. It really isn’t fun, but do you know what I don’t need in this heat? Someone telling me that if I had lost weight, I wouldn’t be as sweaty or hot as I am. You don’t know me! I am naturally a very warm person and I do sweat regardless, even when I was slimmer. I just need you to make sure I am hydrated and keeping cool rather than giving me diet tips.

Do you think I want to eat anything more than a light salad in this heat anyway? Sometimes I do, and regret the post-food sweats anyway, but there’s only so many salad leaves I can eat before I get very bored and feel like throwing up when I’m chomping on them – or is that just heatstroke? It isn’t heatstroke, a salad every day is boring, no matter who you are, don’t tell me differently.

So, whilst this heat is beating down and frying us all, spare a thought for your fat friends. The ones who feel like they can’t whip their top off in the beer garden, or still cover themselves up in the park. The ones that don’t want to walk all over the place going on a little pub crawl from beer garden to beer garden, because movement means more sweat. Don’t shame your friends for being a little larger, but still rocking it. Just check on them. Make sure they are surviving the heat. Tell them they are killing it in the outfit they chose even if it’s now doused in sweat. Give them a mist, make sure they are drinking plenty, make sure they are comfortable, and understand, we all sweat when we are subjected to the heat of the Sahara in our own backyard, because we pay to go away in this heat, we don’t ever expect it to be just casually there one day even though there’s such a thing as Global Warming.

Also, why does every shop sell out of fans every summer? What do y’all do with your fans after summer? Just toss them in the trash? Stop it. Store it. Keep it for next year’s hottest summer in 500 years since records began.

Oh, and bring ice lollies. Cheers.

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