When things happen to me, I try and “pay it forward” or at least show some gratitude for something happening. Sometimes, things happen just because of fate or on accident. Being online, writing this blog, posting on Instagram, it provides me with exposure. Do I ever try and use the exposure? Not really. When brands reach out to me, half the time I ignore them because I don’t want to promote something I haven’t particularly been passionate about. But, sometimes, being online can be a wonderful place for opportunity.

Because of this, I am grateful. I’m not grateful to the people who try and ruin a good moment, but they always come and go. For the rest of the people who give me props or tell me they connect with something I have said, I am grateful.

I have tried to show this gratitude through side projects such as “The Chunx” that I recently stepped away from, but it wasn’t because I was turning my back on that. It was because I have to focus on the pieces that matter. The things that matter to me is the future of this brand that I have built over the last 8 years or so. It’s about the Haus Of Burr and all that it includes.

Part of that, is this blog. I sometimes forget about it, I sometimes don’t post, but I addressed this earlier in the year when I announced that I was creating my podcast, to fill in some of the spaces, and to talk about some of the things that don’t come across well in a piece of writing.

My gratitude for the people who follow me, the people who read this blog, and will likely listen to my podcast, is there. That is why I put it to a vote for the podcast cover artwork.

The final artwork for ‘Burr Necessities’ podcast

I want to create things that people feel part of, or that they feel like they are reflected in. If I want to be queer as hell, or share my body positive attitude, I want people to see themselves in it. It’s not always going to be the case. Not everyone is going to think they are that like me, but some might, and that’s what I am creating for. That what I am grateful for.

This blog will continue to be a reflection of myself and of other people. It will still include stories of my cats, and about my life, my struggles, my greatest moments, because you should free to be yourself.

If you are a new reader, an old reader, a passing reader, then I want to say thank you. Because you have allowed me to continue on. I may not have thousands of followers on social media, but the ones I do have, I appreciate every single one of you. You have made me very happy, you have made me realise some of my dreams, and I can’t wait to keep going into the future to see how things shape up.

I am working on the podcast this week, and maybe into next week, so I hope to be able to give you a release date by the end of May 2019. Stay tuned.

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