Then There Were Two.

There was a time when having a pet was something I just would never consider, then Willow came into our lives, saved from a bin behind Asda and our world was changed. We’ve had Willow since November 2018, and she has been great. She’s taken her time to adjust to being indoors, being loved and chilling out – she was skittish at any movement and affection – but we loved her anyway.

We thought she had barely grown, she was still our baby and she was still so small. Then, one March afternoon, JK said to me that he had been talking to a woman about a litter of kittens she had on offer. They were ready to collect and were only 8 years old. We had briefly mentioned about getting another cat, and getting a male cat, just to see if it would chill Willow out, and without much thought we ended up going to collect a brand new kitten.

Enter, Rupert.

We ended up picking the more affectionate kitten out of the litter apparently, and we brought him home to meet his new big sister. It is safe to say though, that Willow was not happy to start with. We knew she wasn’t going to be, but she was still young enough (she’s only 6 months old now), to be able to adapt to life with another cat. Especially one so small and cute. For the first week, she honestly hated him. She hissed, she batted, she would run away from him; she hated us too, obviously some sense of betrayal.

We also, possibly got Rupert at the wrong time because we had to go away for a few days, and left the two of them at home, with a friend as a house and cat sitter.

It took just a week, Monday to Sunday, for the two of them ending up being friends. They play together, nap together, eat together. Willow doesn’t always want to play as much as Rupert does, but she gives as good as she gets.

To think that I was so set against having a pet, and if I was going to have one, it would be a dog, but I’ve now ended up with two cats is crazy. Rupert’s story is less traumatic than Willow’s, which is probably why he is so caring and ready to cuddle up.

It was Rupert’s mother’s story that would have been worse had this woman not rescued her. The owner of Rupert’s mother threw her out and abandoned her when she found out she was pregnant, and the woman who took her in was her friend – but they fell out over the situation. In the end, we ended up taking Rupert in, and the two other kittens from the litter ended up with another couple who were looking for two kittens.

Now the two of them share an instagram (because I have too many to create him a separate one), so if you want to keep up with all things Willow and Rupert, you gotta take yourself here.

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