Smell Like Me.

Sometimes, not often, I get asked some strange questions – or rather, I find them strange. From people asking me where my clothes are from, to which fragrance is a favourite, people reach out and ask things fairly regularly. So, I figured, why not shift focus a little and talk about one of these topics. First up, and easiest to gather all the information for, is obviously fragrance, so come on, smell like me.

There’s really only 4 main fragrances I wear, but soon I’ll be phasing one out because it’s just not me right now. So let’s start with the Alien in the room.

Alien – Mugler (60ml – Refillable £49.95 RRP)

Okay, so this is the one I’ll be phasing out. Why? Well because it was bought by mistake by a relative who didn’t realise that there’s another couple of versions of Alien by Mugler and this wasn’t the one I wear. It’s a nice smell, it just isn’t for me, but I guess for some people, it’s more floral notes are what they’re after. What I prefer is…

Alien Man – Mugler (100ml -Refillable £44.95 RRP)

My preference is Alien Man, which realistically I didn’t smell until JK and I were in Luton Airport getting ready to fly to Italy to see my dad. There had just been some hype about it, we smelt it, we bought it, and now that to me is the smell of our holiday and our engagement. Previously, I had stuck to just two other fragrances and they worked for me, so I never bought any different, but this one is worn by both of us, so double saving? We bought the refillable version but we haven’t had to refill it yet, which is great, but we also have a lot of fragrances that JK has bought that we are whittling down to a key few.

Spicebomb – Viktor & Rolf (90ml £55.00 RRP)

This has been a favourite for some time because I prefer spicier smells – those warming tones are more my personal style and I feel an affinity with them. So Spicebomb is the fragrance of choice when I just want to feel comfortable. That may sound a little strange, but I try to associate things with feelings so then there are ways for me to combat more negative feelings. Spicebomb is a warming, intense, comforting smell to me, so when I need to feel less anxious and that more is right with the world, I turn to this. That would probably explain why I need to replace it sooner rather than later, but this is my favourite scent of all these four.

Bleu de Chanel – Chanel (50ml £55.00 RRP)

So, I bought my first bottle of Bleu when I was flying back from holiday in Mexico quite a few years ago. I have always bought it and kept using it because I quite like it, but it’s very much a “holiday” scent to me. When this is on my skin in warmer climates, it makes me feel like I am on holiday, even if it’s just a heatwave here in the UK. I am no fragrance expert, but I have always been told that fragrances smell different on different people, so I’d assume they’d smell different depending on other factors too. It’s a safer go-to as well for when I don’t want to exhaust my other options.

What’s my honest opinion if you want to smell like me? Go for Alien Man. It’s the cheaper of the bunch and it’s more of an ‘everyday’ smell compared to the others. It’s a super safe bet to use and invest in, without breaking the bank.

What’s next for this new angle? Well, wait and see – we have fashion, we have travel, we have lifestyle and for everything else there’s other posts here and over on The Two Burrs for you to gag over.


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