You & I.

Saying that I have sat on this news for a while is a lie, because whether or not you follow any of my social media, it’s all been there. It’s just, I’ve had to try and fit this in somewhere within the remaining letters of the alphabet and here we are, at Y, which is for You & I. Don’t worry, I’m not about to start talking about my “Nebraska guy” or even stylise the title to match the Gaga song, because we’re not about that life. And unfortunately, whilst I’d love to engage with you all more, it’s also not about us, but it’s still about me.

During the first half of my alphabetised posting, I repeated a lot of the same things, trying to illustrate my standpoint on LGBTQIA+/Queer rights, women’s rights, feminism and living plastic free – which is still a struggle due to modern conveniences. And during the latter half, I moved on from there and more about how my own life was changing, bolstering one or two viewpoints, but ultimately linking everything back to myself. It’s okay, you can tell me I have an ego because I know I do. I do everything in life, because of that ego.

But anyway, back to me.

So, this post is titled ‘You and I’ and in reality it should have come with a dedication to the one and only, my beloved JK. You see, whilst we were away in Italy at the start of June, we decided to take another step in our relationship. We had been friends, we had dated, we had lived together for quite some time, we had made our relationship official, and we had talked about our future. So, whilst we were away, and with family, we decided to get engaged.


It has actually been a plan for a while, and these rings have been sat in this box for a few months. Some may think it’s quick, and perhaps it is, considering we have known each other for about 18 months, but it’s one of those things where in reality, we’re good together. Our relationship was forged because the two of us bring out the best in one another, we don’t argue, or disagree, we don’t fight. We just love one another, we help one another, we do everything to better both our lives and we are fulfilled.

This is perhaps uncharacteristically gushy for me, and a lot of the time, I do not acknowledge my relationships. Not because I want to appear single, but because it’s a private matter and some things are better left private. Saying that, we shared this all the same day it happened, after we had chance to contact friends and family who were back home when we did this.

Since we have been home however, we have had to field questions over when all this will finally take place, and you’ve gotta realise, this is going to be a “long engagement”, but we’re looking for about 2020…or I should say, I’m looking for around 2020. It’s enough time to save and enough time to craft the best event we can for this one union. But you can expect some insights, just not everything, I’m not having my plans scuppered because someone else took the idea from me (I do realise weddings are hardly unique because it’s all been done before)

But there’s a future here, and a future we are crafting for ourselves. I haven’t been this happy in a long time, or with someone who brings such peace and balance to my life. We’re made for something bigger and greater and that’s why it’s all about you and I, JK.


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