We Are.

We are entitled. We are. Everyone is. Everyone is entitled to have an opinion. Granted some of them are wrong, and you’re always going to face that in life, but we are all entitled. If you agree with someone, that’s great, if you disagree, that’s also okay, because that’s the point of opinions. We are entitled to be outraged. We’re entitled to protest. We are entitled to our rights as human beings no matter who we are, and accepting this is a cornerstone of society.

You can’t deny someone their opinion. You can try to change it, but you can’t force them to accept your point of view. If society was like that, it would be dull and we would lack progression. In this present climate, everyone is sharing opinions, thoughts and more without even a second glance, and this is made possible by social media. When people share harsh opinions, those that are truly oppressive, we are entitled to report it and those accounts are often taken down. We are entitled to that outrage, but to what point?

Sometimes our entitlement in life goes too far. You can claim that entitlement in millennials is at a high, but it’s Gerry from Wisconsin who is a baby boomer that seems to have more entitlement to outrage on the behalf of someone else. This is when entitlement goes too far. I have talked about it before, and it’s more of lending your voice, not using your voice exclusively for other people. You can lend your voice as a white person to a Black Lives Matter moment, but you can’t use your voice to tell the world your experience of it…you’re white. You can talk of the injustices you have seen, but your experience is not the same, and your entitlement to share the experience is not always valid. As a man you can lend your voice to the women’s marches but you’re a man and your entitlement is perhaps part of the problem. You have to be selective with your entitlement to be outraged.

We are a society that is bubbling with entitlement. One generation feels more entitled over the others. Older generations have it because they fought for our freedom from oppressive forces; younger generations have it because the way the older generations built society was unequal and has damaged the brighter future we were told we would have. We are entitled to our outrage, so long as we understand that everyone else is entitled to theirs. Society will change, it will be reshaped, and we are entitled to a better future, but you have to know that as generations progress, this outrage, and our entitlement will be cyclical. Change for the future, and it will be changed again, but do your best now, to use your entitlement to progress the world.


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