Men In High Chairs.

Okay, so we’ve had a three post break from it, but now it’s time to start talking about it again – the patriarchy! I can hear you exclaim joy already at the fact it’s not really taken me that long to swing back around to this topic. It’s true, it’s a topic I enjoy writing about, either from the LGBTQIA+ standpoint, or as a feminist, and perhaps I won’t really stop talking about it – not right now anyway.

You see, we still have the same problems, but as the old adage says, Rome wasn’t built in a day, and that’s quite apt as you’re reading this whilst I’m visiting my family in Italy, although Rome isn’t in the plans. Recent developments see more and more Hollywood names being accused of inappropriate behaviour, and whilst Trump is still in a seat of power, alongside other childlike leaders such as Kim Jong Un. Will the world be a better place in the hands of women? We probably won’t get to see them in high positions of power, all at the same time, globally, but women do hold the power in the streets.

Ireland voted to overturn their eighth amendment which made abortion illegal in their country, and finally women are being given back their rights over their bodies even just a short ferry ride over a small sea off our own coast. It’s one of those things; when women start reaching momentum, the men in their high chairs, start to spit out their dummies. How dare someone who doesn’t have a penis try and change the way they can rule over us?! Or even how dare anyone fight back against a system rigged to benefit the white man.

I am a white man, I have to say, and I am cisgendered at that. Given these two facts, I have benefitted from the system rigged in my favour, despite being part of the LGBTQIA+ community. Whilst some will chuckle that I can pass as straight, the fact is that some people may assume that I am, because how would they know unless I confirmed it? I am actually fairly open about my sexuality, just as I am about my life, and whilst I can sit here and preach about change, all I can do is lend my body and my voice to a fight against a system I benefitted from.

This is not powerful, not to me anyway. The power comes from the truly oppressed raising up, I am just adding a voice and body to the number and say “no, this is wrong, we need change”, and we do. Outside of the fight for LGBTQIA+ people, I am just an added voice. I can share my opinion, but it’s not my lived truth. I am not a woman, so all I can say is that I can tell this system is wrong, I am not a person of colour, so all I can say is, that we should all be treated the same. I’ll join the marches, I’ll shout the chants, I’ll do what I can to show these men in high chairs that there time is coming to an end, and that’s how men should be acting right now. If you’re not in a high chair, squealing that it’s so unfair in the world today for you, then you should be in the crowd, chanting the chants, and showing the babies we have nominated and put into power that it’s time for an adult to teach them how to behave.


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