When people looked at the future, by now we should all be driving hover cars and living in cloud cities high above the ground. We’re not though, because society is stuck in the mud and we’re trying to get is dry so we can build solid foundations in it. I am perpetually planning for my future, and those plans change constantly. Once one possibility is eliminated, I tackle the next, until I find a path that leads to the next goal, and then the next. I can’t help but plan for a future, and it causes me anxiety, but it’s something I’m just naturally programmed to do.

As a consequence, past decisions made for my own future have often failed, and from that failure sprang frustration. I was initially going to use this post as a “Dear Future Ted” post, but in the end, I’m 30 this year, not 20, and writing a letter to my future self just didn’t sit right with me. I could have changed what this ‘F’ stood for. It could have been “Food Baby” or “Fuck You” or “Feminism” but those are things I can talk about with other letters (I actually don’t plan on writing a post about Food Babies).

When I look to the future now, it’s not as scary as it once was. I gave up on my teenage dreams of fame long ago because…what am I going to be famous for, really? The future is just about me, building a solid life, and unfortunately, you never know what each new day is going to bring, but I’ve learned now that you just roll with the punches, regardless of the anxiety, you’ve dodged those bullets before, you can dodge them again.

However, there is something more poignant about the future that we should be discussing. In a world full of loud voices, just exactly where are we heading as a society? Globally, rights are being snatched from people, or people are being held down, under glass ceilings, or left out in the cold, and measures put in place just don’t cut it. Being a white, cisgender male, a lot of things probably won’t affect me directly, but being one who is queer, who is a feminist, who wants to see society change for everybody, it does effect me.

The future can go one of two ways, the battlecries of those being held down by the patriarchy will be heard and society will shift over the next few decades, or the patriarchy will double down and we’re left in the dirt again. These two prospects are the ones that are disheartening, and that make me want to fulfil some life dreams faster than I anticipated, and makes me want to make sure that my voice, and the voices of others, are added to that battlecry. The battlecry that will see women, people of colour, and queer people be lifted up and given equal footing. The battlecry that will turn the tide on poverty, and homelessness and alter society to be more equitable for all. Sometimes though, people lend voices to causes that don’t need a voice, or want one.

It’s all well and good trying to be vocal on a topic, but you have to make sure that you’re saying the right things, and that your voice is even needed. There are people out there that are happy with their lives, and sometimes, interfering just isn’t the right thing to do. If you eliminate every problem to create a utopian society, there’s going to be a surplus of things. Regardless of change, things still exist, and where do they go? To the bottom of the ocean?

A plan for the future is about changing the future to be better for others, but you have to consider where things that are no longer needed are going to go. Some of them will die out, the human race will always do that, but vices abound don’t just vanish, they have to be dealt with and those future prospects are what there should be plans for.

As for me, my future plans see me happy in my microcosm, but sees me fight the fight for a better society. Future me will be unapologetically queer and feminist.


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