Boyfriend Twins. Bit weird right? Whilst I try not to be one to judge, the act of assimilating your looks to be exactly alike is a little strange. Unless you are actually biologically twins, I find it a little weird, although I like being “matchy-matchy” in life. Take for example, a recent trip to the tattoo parlour with my sister, where we got matchy-matchy sibling tattoos.


It was based around the idea that we are siblings, but we’re different, and when we were younger, my mother used to cross-stitch and made a moon for my sister and a sun for me. It’s matchy-matchy without being exact. And this is not the only matchy-matchy tattoo I have gotten in recent months. Oh no.


My other half and I got matchy-matchy monogram tattoos a little while back too. His is on his right wrist, mine is on my left, because these are the hands we often hold and together, you’ll get “T&J”, a common motif around the house. Obviously, I opened up with the line about boyfriend twins because we’re going to talk about my habit of being complimentary with JK from day to day without it being cringe-worthy ‘twinning is winning’ territory.

I have made it known, time and time again, that I think of myself as being aesthetically driven. Things have to look right otherwise, what’s the point? As much as possible I have put effort into making my house flow, or have a theme of some sort, from the constant use of bold, dark colours, to using the same metallics in each room, the same motifs whether it be letters or hexagonal shapes, it’s all about the aesthetics. In my previous post I talked about body, and how, even though I am fat, I can still dress nicely, and this is a weird extension of that.

From the simple act of wearing an earring, you can begin this journey of complimenting. The facts of the situation is, that both JK and I have one ear pierced (opposite ears to be exact – mirror twinning!), and earrings come in pairs. What am I going to do with the second half of the pair? Well, I’m gonna hand it over to JK. It’s actually not a constant that we were matching earrings, and especially since I’ve got lazy with changing mine daily, I find myself wearing the same one for a week or two, but there are times, Valentines Day for example, when we were the same. And talking of significant yearly festivities…

Due to my insistence, and usually down to my aesthetically driven eye, we have ended up being matchy-matchy at Christmas, with matching blue shade jumpers (although the designs differed), and again at Valentines when we ended up in shades of pink. The original plan for the latter was for the matchy-matchy element to come from heart motifs on both of our tops, but I didn’t read the description of one of them right and it looked more like a tent, so that plans changed – and not because I insisted it, but because JK saw the effort and then found something to match my top. In fact, we matched a lot that day. We wore matching shades of pink, we both wore the same earring and we had matching socks that read MR&MR when put together. It’s okay, uncurl your cringing body.

On both occasions it was more for the fun of it, because it is fun, and also heart-warming to compliment one another. We do mirror each other with the way we wear watches, and the position of our tattoos, which ear we have pierced, and it’s fun noticing all these things. This is what started to build this idea that sometimes, being matchy-matchy is nice, and it’s not that weird.

Many will forget that being complimentary is often part of a big day in any serious relationship – your wedding day – when everything has to be just right…but that will be it. That’s the extent of most of it, and I’m happy to be complimentary before that day even comes; I’m happy to do it on the day and afterwards. We are still two individuals joined into a relationship. I usually have grey hair (although that’s currently dyed out into a more natural brown) whilst JK remains his natural hair colour or a lighter shade of blonde. I’m much taller than JK, I have more tattoos, and our aim will never be to be boyfriend twins, because that is weird. But there is no harm in matching sometimes, even from the subtle details like a matching earring or socks. It’s about having that balance.


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