The keen-eyed reader of this blog (are there any of you left?) will have noticed that my posting over the last few months has been minimal. In fact I last posted at the start of January and now we’re at the end of February. It’s been much the same across most of my online presence with the exception of still regular updates to my Instagram – if that doesn’t show my vanity, I don’t know what will.

In reality the break was just coincidental, but once I realised it, I just kept it going a little longer. Why? Because I needed that time. I got into a headspace where I started writing very heavy content, and in-depth analysis of things that would probably have scored me a better degree result if I had applied myself like that when I was in university. I had to write those things though because they were passionately burning away at my soul daily. I considered posting them here but it’s just another level and I wanted to just take a moment.

I am passionate about a lot of things these days, but finding the place to put that passion was why I had to take the time away from being online, and working on the groundwork for other projects that I am painstakingly slow at piecing together.

My personal life is balanced, and whilst I still have some of my own issues to work through, taking time for me has helped just calm my soul. Now I’m ready to step forward and start rebuilding the empire that I was creating – nothing was knocked down, I just suspended the building because I needed to.

So with new energy, a clear path and a desire to write like I used to, I am coming back. Today maybe a Monday but keep an eye out on Tuesdays for new posts coming your way.


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