Another Year of Me.

I know guys, I haven’t updated since November when I changed this blog from ‘menlikeme’ to just ‘tedburr’, but you gotta understand, December is always a busy month for me. First things first, Happy New Year everyone, and I hope you’re suitably recovered from your celebratory hangover enough to digest this on a Tuesday. We’re in a new year, and whilst we can lament the passing of another twelve months, it is 100% about the here and now. Well, for me anyway.

Last year, I proclaimed that I would take 365 days for myself – I’d do what would make me happy, I wouldn’t add another person to the mix, and I’d trot along as the majestic beast that I am. By February life was throwing me curveballs, and I had to buy the house I was renting or have the arduous task of moving house again, one of the more loathsome things in life that I try to avoid. By March, life had chucked someone else into the bubble that was my world, and dating ensued to the point that in August, I was in a new relationship. That isn’t a complaint – for once I have found a beautifully easy relationship to be in.

I managed to travel, I went to Liverpool and Manchester to begin with (I know, not that far really), to spend time with people important to me, and then I went off to Italy to see my father, and later in the year I hit Disneyland Paris with two good friends. To say 2017 was shitty would be an absolute lie. However, it was missing some more key aspects that made me…me. It was through the selfish proclamation that those 365 days were for me and me alone that I skipped over some of the other bits.

This year, I am still taking time for myself. On the whole, whilst I did things that made me happy, I actually stopped paying attention to myself, and to say I’ve let myself go, is perhaps an understatement. That’s not me saying I am about to embark on a fitness journey and every single one of you must put up with that – this is not the road I care to tread. Whilst I will undoubtably try to shift a few pounds, the focus is on making myself more presentable. I took limited opportunities to showcase who I am over the last 12 months, that my priority for the next, is to embrace who I am, how I want to be seen, and that starts with putting some bigger plans into motion.


Part of these plans does include erasing history, and that starts with the tattoos I have had dotted around my body since the age of 16. One was recently covered with my new half sleeve on my arm, the next few will be covered over time as I work with my new favoured artist. That means, no more stars, diamonds or questionably shaped hieroglyphs. Second to these plans is purely based on the choices I make with my appearance from clothing to hair. The clothing, I can take care of myself, the hair however, I’m seeking some more professional help rather than keep cutting and dying it myself – and my Instagram poll from a few months back is still not binding, I ain’t going back brown just yet!

So with that out of the way, what next on the journey that will be 2018? Well, I missed some real opportunities to socialise. I’m not one for big crowds, eventually anxiety sets in and I am not that fun to be around unless I am obnoxiously drunk. Instead, I favour more intimate settings that I can control – so I am looking at bringing back my old, old, old, cake and cocktail nights. Benefit is, I can bake, and the boyfriend works behind a bar, we’ve got this covered. I used to try and document these, but apart from Instagram posts, I don’t think they’ll particularly find themselves on this blog.

Which brings me onto the next point. This blog will become more than what it has done before. It’s always been about me and my opinion, but usually it’s just been filled with self-gratifying posts about how good things are for me. I think that’s allowed, but I have perhaps held back on some of the more interesting things I have to say or that I think about, so you can bet your last penny that going forward you’ll see more of what is really in my head *cue twisted, nightmarish scenes*.

And finally, talking of self-gratifying posts about how wondrous life can be for me, and how I have overcome so much that to others is relatively small stuff, I will be taking on another “challenge”, again, something I last did in 2015. This year I will be bringing back…charity fundraising! Oh yeah! I’ll wait for the applause…no? Okay. Yeah, it seems self-serving, trying to bring back a positive image of who I am as a person after perhaps some negative light being thrown on my shade, but it’s actually something genuine I want to do. Over the years I have raised about £800 for Movember, and I guess probably about £400 for Macmillan Cancer Support, both good causes, but not this year.

For 2018, I have chosen a new charity, that I will somehow raise money for. That charity is Albert Kennedy Trust, a charity to help LGBT homeless in the UK. My choice is solely based on the fact that I am part of the LGBT community and I work with the homeless of my city every day I take myself off to work. I could have opted for a broader homeless charity, but I just feel this one is more important to me, or that I have actually seen those who are homeless and the sort of help they actually need.

So, those are the 4 things I’m actually setting out to achieve this year, even though one of the them was done last year too but this time it’s more defined. I hope 2018 is prosperous for us all, and that the rubbish some of us have endured, the hard times, that they’re softer and kinder to you for the next twelve months. Stay tuned, and welcome to the new world of Ted.

NB: I did not get engaged this festive season despite numerous people telling me I should or asking if I was intending to. Thanks for the encouragement though.


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