Men Like…Ted.

I have learned a lot about myself over the last year, and I have managed to piece together every single piece of who I am meant to be into the most coherent version of myself to date. That may sound strange, but it’s true. Sometimes, we get so lost that we just wander around aimlessly, trying to find what, or who, it is we are meant to be, yet I think I have found it for myself.

When I started this blog, the whole idea was that it was for “Men Like Me” but it soon devolved into just being about me. Why? Because that is truly what I know best. Are there even men like me? There’s got to be some people who can identify with certain pieces of who I am, and that’s still great, but I am writing less and less about those who can say they are like me. That’s why I have chosen to change the name and address of this blog.

Welcome to

For years now, I have used the same handle for all my social media. No matter where I go – twitter, instagram, snapchat – I have used this same handle to unify my presence online, but I have often neglected using it for blog titles, in fear of not properly representing myself with my adopted name (if you want to go into the logistics, Burr is not my real surname, and Ted is short for Edward).

I feel that now, I have a more honed in approach, and I know exactly what it is I want to achieve in life, and I have some sort of mental map of how to get there. So rebranding and being true to me, rather than start up yet another blog was the smarter move. After all, everything that has come before here, is still me, that’s my journey before, and now, this is my journey after the fact.

I have taken a lot of time over this decision so hopefully it will pay off. I don’t expect floods more people to come rushing to my blog, but even if you are new, or even if you’re a veteran reader, make sure you’re comfy, because this is about to be the next chapter in life.

(ps. posts will now be published on Tuesdays rather than Mondays)


One thought on “Men Like…Ted.

  1. Hi Ted! Welcome to blogging! lol. I like your writing. It’s easy to read…and you seem like a down to earth guy who is looking to find himself through writing. Can’t wait to read more!


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