New Masks.

It’s been a while since I’ve wrote anything about Lush Ltd on this blog, and that’s surprising, considering it’s still my favourite brand of anything to do with baths, showers, and general cosmetics. The last time I spoke about it, was back in April with my ‘Rituals’ blog post about general skincare, where I mentioned Cup o’ Coffee face mask, but since then, Lush Ltd have released new Jelly Masks.

At first, I thought of them like the Shower Jellies that they produce, which are often difficult to use and you end up wasting more than using – in my experience anyway. Nevertheless, I still went into store, chatted to the staff who I’d consider friends I’m there so regularly, and got shown one or two of the masks. I was shown 1000 Millihelens and Just To Clarify.

I’ll start with Just To Clarify, which had a nice scent to it, it’s fruity, and gives a little bit of exfoliation to the skin with bamboo stem extract…well I say a little of of exfoliation. I had each of the masks mentioned, tested on either hand to give comparison. I do like a little bit of exfoliation, and this is why I use things like Cup O’ Coffee and Ocean Salt, because they provide that for me, with no extra issues. What I found, from the tester, which sort of put me off this one, was that the bamboo extract, seemed to leave this sandy sort of feel on my hand. Every time I brush my hand against something or rubbed it thereafter, it wasn’t very pleasant. It just felt like I couldn’t get the sand off my hand from the beach until I had really washed my hands. Now, it could have just been because it was a concentrated tester on my hand, but even still, it’s made me wary when my skin sometimes gets too dry at the best of times, I don’t need this dry feeling adding to it.

1000 Millihelens however, left my hand feeling soft, and it ultimately the one I chose to buy after some consideration. The thing is, whilst I enjoy Lush Ltd try to reinvent products – I am interested in seeing the truly naked range of shower products shown at the Creative Showcase, I haven’t yet seemed to get on with these new Jelly Masks. I am much more comfortable with something already being a paste before applying it to my skin. The featured image is 1000 Millihelens on my face, and I don’t feel like it gave normal face mask coverage – although my skin was nice and soft afterwards. So will I keep opting for the Jelly Masks over the Fresh ones? I don’t think so. I’ll likely just switch between the two depending on mood.

Even when I get what I feel like is the same coverage as the fresh masks, there’s still lumps that I just can’t smush. It feels a little wasteful to be honest, and you really have to spend the time working it into a paste but I’ve still not managed to get the whole lot I take out of the pot into a paste that feels satisfying.

There are still some obvious benefits to the Jelly variety over the Fresh variety. Whilst the Fresh has to be kept in the fridge and used within a certain time period, the Jelly masks last longer, although probably just the same amount of time if you use masks regularly, as they are the same size as the Fresh ones. There is probably an art form to putting these masks on, but I’ve not mastered it yet, but hopefully I will, and I will keep trying. For now, test one out yourself, because they at least have benefits for the skin, even if it doesn’t feel the same compared to other masks.


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