A Lego Obsession.

You see grown men, and their Lego collections and you think to yourself: “what a big kid” whilst secretly wishing you had that Lego collection. In fact, I am mad that I don’t still have the collection of Lego bricks I grew up with, and I held on to them for years until my first nephew came along, and my dad donated it all to him. Two years later, he no longer played with physical toys and devoted his life to playing video games on a PSP, and later on an iPhone…I mean, I was in my 20s before I got my first iPhone, and he is yet to reach the age of 15! But what my brother chooses to do with his son is up to him.

So, cut to me, not really paying attention to Lego but still seething that my collection of yesteryear has vanished into thin air. You will understand that craving sometimes to just build a wall out of little Lego bricks, just for something to do and the satisfaction that something so retro can still bring you so much joy.

Anyway, cut to late last year, and I went to Leeds with my sister, found a Lego store, went in looking for presents, and left an hour later with 6 fully realised Lego mini figures of our immediate family (myself, my sister, her husband, their two children and my mother). Cut to my birthday weekend, and I diverted my friend into the shop and we each made another Lego mini-figure, taking my collection of Lego versions of me to two.


Then, I went away to Liverpool and Manchester in January. Again, I found the Lego store, took my friends inside, and we each made a Lego mini figure of ourselves…


I now had 3 versions of me…and for a while that was it…until this month. I went back to a Lego store, this time for a purpose of creating something that was a keepsake for friends who were visiting for Pride In Hull…


Hello 4th Lego version of Ted. Was that enough? No it wasn’t…I went back again to make some other keepsakes for friends…


You’d think 5 Lego versions of me would be enough though wouldn’t you? Wrong! My obsession has really taken hold of me. In a freak coincidence, I managed to find a complete Santa outfit in the building section, and the opportunity to create a Christmas version was too much to pass up…


Was that enough now? No…it wasn’t. I had to make a 7th Lego version of me to fulfil my Merman fantasies…


To say the least, Lego mini figures have become my life. Finding ways to showcase my Lego army of me is currently my pet project, where do I put them? How do I display them? Am I really an adult? These questions are the burning ones of the moment, but I can wait to answer them…no doubt I’ll find another reason to head to a Lego store and make another 3 versions of me to take it up to 10.


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