To Be That Puff.

It’s Pride Month, or at least it is in America. In Hull, we have to wait until July for Pride, but it’s not far off. With my changing views on all things LGBTQ+, this year I decided it was time I put my money where my mouth is, and invest in making more a statement in life. I had bought a denim jacket which was all well and good, but it was boring, and the more I wore it, the more boring it felt. In comes my sister, and her loving devotion to patching jackets.

I bought loads of patches, ranging from flamingoes to letters, and the two of us set about designing a jacket that had one primary goal…to read P U F F across the back.

Now, I am 6’3′ and can roll with the punches, I stand out in the crowd because of my height, because I am broad, and because I have a regularly mixture of grey or lavender hair at the moment. I can live with that, and I can live with wearing a jacket that is so geared towards being as gay as possible.

It was more about making a statement and poking fun at slurs than anything. I have written before, and you’ll find information on my other newer blog about me using slurs to reclaim them from those evil heterosexuals. Throw a slur at me, and y’know, it’s okay, because I am that slur. I am gay, by all means, but if you’re going to use a slur, then I’ll take it, use it and make it a positive thing about me. So why not set up a nice denim jacket to have it written across the back?

You’ll see that the general message conveyed by the jacket is one of positivity from ‘Slay Queen’, to the rainbow patch, to ‘Have A Kylie Day’, and ‘Positive Vibes Only’, it’s all about just being positive.

Now, I know I may cause some offence by wearing it, but I can do it. I’ll do me, and you can do you, this is my choice, and one of many I have lined up for over the summer. My intention was to attend three different Pride events: Hull, Liverpool and Manchester, but to cut costs and make sure I can afford to live, I have cut it down to just two: Hull and Manchester.

I made the jacket to represent more than just being gay though, it’s about solidarity across the board. It’s about the viewpoint I really do have that if we want to get anywhere in life, we have to fight alongside those other oppressed parties, like those for people of colour and women.

Is this the only jacket in my arsenal? It’s not, and I’ll show you the other choices in time, but it won’t be here. Yes, this post serves two purposes, to show you my fashion faux yaasss, and also to invite you to head on over to Dash of Lavender, to check out posts specifically aimed at subjects on the LGBTQ+ community from my viewpoint…you know, the white, gay, cisgender male. And keep and eye out for some extra little bits to come about Puff Love.


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