Skincare is perhaps something I don’t do often enough, even though I have everything at my disposal. I’ve never particularly had any issues with my skin, although it regularly fluctuates between a state of either being dry or greasy every few months.

The greasy skin is definitely what I suffer with most these days though, and it’s brought on by work; having to cook for 21 homeless people every day takes its toll on the skin. As such, I have two fairly similar regimes, all based around four products from Lush Ltd.

The formula for my rituals are pretty simple, and go something like this:

Ocean Salt – Dark Angels – Cup o’ Coffee
Ocean Salt – Angels on Bare Skin – Cup o’ Coffee

The former line up is what I use most for my greasy skin. The Ocean Salt is always used because it’s a face scrub. You can work it into your skin and get any of that nasty dirt, dead skin and lingering pores to clear them out. I then follow that with Dark Angels. This is essentially a charcoal cleanser, and it absorbs all that oil and grease you need to get rid of. I learnt the hard way though to only use it where you do get oily. I used to use it when I had dry skin around my eyes and it made it far worse. Then I finish off with a mask of Cup o Coffee; not only is it soothing on the skin, but it gives that final bit of abrasion to clear anything you missed the first time around now the grease has gone. It also smells divine and “wakes up” your skin.

The alternative is to use Angels on Bare Skin. This is a softer cleanser, and I tend to use this post-breakout more than anything. This is because it contains camomile, which, if you had chicken pox when you were younger, you know soothes itchiness and reduces the redness. I don’t know about you, but whenever I get a spot, it’s there, prominently protruding from my face like a huge red warning light. It’s not great, so to soothe it, I use this, as well as using it when my skin starts to get dry – which most often happens during winter around my left eye and then across my chest – these are the only places I seem to suffer with dry skin from.

So there is my quick and simple skincare ritual.


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