Different Sizes.

I recently wrote a piece, that had an alternative purpose than being put online, about all the differences that make us unique – specifically, all the difference that make love unique. From heterosexual love, to gay love and beyond, I wrote word after word about potentially my most favourite song lyric from The Beautiful South:

We love our love, in different sizes.

I have talked about body image issues over and over again, but I live with them, and I have touched upon various pieces that referred to the gay media outlets perpetuating this idea that you have to be young, slim, toned and hairless to be loved, or considered attractive. Even now, after so many years, the same image is shown, and I get the whole idea that “sex sells” but don’t we all have different flavours of sex too?

One of my biggest qualms is fat shaming, but equally, it’s the reversal of fat shaming that also grinds my gears – shaming people because they are slim. The two shouldn’t exist but the two do, and they’re both as damaging as the other. It shows you have a dark heart if you do either, and that you really don’t accept people for their individuality.

Love comes in all different shapes and sizes, all sorts of colours, and that is something that should be celebrated, whether it is gay, straight or bi.

As time progresses, and the world shows itself to be more liberal that ever before, you get more and more companies showing couples that do not fit the stereotypical media norm of straight and white. Now you have couples been shown who are gay, or lesbian, alongside straight couples, and now the world is multicoloured, and it shouldn’t be forgotten, it also shouldn’t be belittled.

I am grateful that my family are so understanding of me, and are so embracing when it comes to partners I have had. No matter what, my niece and nephew have been brought up to appreciate everyone, and to understand we are all different. They know I will never have a girlfriend, and that instead I have boyfriends, and this is what should happen. Education has been all encompassing, and that means teaching younger generations that now you will encounter gay people.

I was hanging around with someone for Christmas who said they came out at school at the age of 13, and that should progression considering he is also 8 years younger than me. Love is something to be celebrated, and so are the people in this world, because we are all different sizes, shapes, colours and we all live and love differently.


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