Sorry ‘Bout It.

It is perhaps no secret that I have been away over the last week visiting people at the other side of the country – more specifically people I know in Liverpool and Manchester. In 2012, I launched into this ideal that I would visit places every year and tick off my little travel list in a grand #TedOnTour style, and I’d take in the local delights. Well, each year since then I have pretty much missed the mark and that’s more down to my poor finances than anything.

So, late last year I came into a little bit more money than usual, and I had already made way in ridding myself of debt and paying off many of them, so why not treat myself to a little break away? The idea was to go to Berlin, but following my mother’s melt down at the Christmas dinner table, I altered them to stay closer to home and stop her from giving me the side eye.

I made my plans, told the relevant people where I’d be and when, and then last Monday I headed off out to Liverpool to meet long-standing social media friend Mathew and newbie (to my life anyway), Josh. The one thing everyone was challenged with was if we were going out to eat, we weren’t going to any chain restaurants, but that became too hard, so it was any chain we don’t have in Hull – much more manageable.

My time in Liverpool was pretty much spent drinking and partying, although we did go down to Albert Docks and had a walk, and I did manage to get a third version of myself in Lego Mini Figure form (#winning). It was a great way to start off the little trip, and those two boys have a special place in my heart after meeting them in reality and having such a good time.



After Liverpool, it was Manchester’s turn to host, and there I met Iggy, someone who, when I had my massive meltdown last year, was really there to help throughout. We met at the station, then headed to the Whitworth Gallery, and then Manchester Museum, before I actually checked into my hotel. After that, we ate at Dive in the Northern Quarter and we had a true laugh – from start to finish, it was joking and just talking like we had literally known each other years when it’s only been about 8 months probably. The next day, it was again Iggy who kept me company but only in the afternoon. I spent the morning entertaining myself in the Arndale Centre and making new friends at the Lush there.

That evening we ate at Thaikhun and were joined by James for a drink. The next day, I spent much of the late morning and early afternoon with Danny, where we had an early lunch in Turtle Bay, then coffee, and finally a cocktail at Ply. Danny is fairly new to my life too, but again, very good company. I was actually somewhat sad to have to return to Hull, but nevertheless, I’m home now, and already planning my return to at least Liverpool, with added breaks away abroad throughout the year.

My old #TedOnTour idea will be relived and I hope to really get to some great places and meet great people. Don’t get me wrong, going away in the UK is great, but I definitely miss the sun and can’t wait to be basking in it in May when I visit my father in Italy. This is just the beginning of a life worth living.


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