Recently, I suppose, I have quite a public breakdown on social media. A lot of my posts have been quite blatant and potentially quite catty, but I suppose that is to be expected when someone you love, and thought would be the one tells you that they can’t be with you anymore. It is what it is, and whilst it’s taken me some time to get over it, I am making the necessary steps to becoming a better person.

The word übermensch is perhaps a bit of a sensitive one for some. Those in the know will understand that it was used as a synonym to the Nazi’s superior race, but it’s actually a philosophical concept that was twisted and bastardised by the writer’s wife for the Nazi party. What is really means is “super human” or “super man” and is a reference to being a better person.

The idea of the übermensch is that everyone strives to become one, and not through genetic enhancements, but by being a better person, helping others to be better people and in the long run, creating a society (not a race) or people who are the best they can be; the idea is that everyone helps everyone and the whole of society becomes übermensch rather than having a sect of better people.

It is a nice idea, and one I hope to emulate in the years that follow this point. Being a better person is something that everyone should strive for. You know that being nicer to people is better than being horrid, and helping people rather than letting them suffer is the right thing to do. But how often do we not put those things into practice? We just tend to preach it.

With all that has happened, and my complete break down over the last week, I feel like now is the time to really sort myself out. I have let myself become lost in a maze and who I wanted to be got left behind. Back in the days of my old blog Sus Avarus, I used to get messages regularly, and they are nice messages telling me how I inspired people to do what they needed to do, to be better people with their mental and physical health, and here I am just letting it all go to pot because I can’t keep control.

But that’s then, this is now. I have a new sense of life, a new meaning, and new goals, to be this übermensch version of myself. For myself just as much as others.

Was it wrong for me to be so public with my catastrophic meltdown? To me, no, because it’s part of the process. It’s part of showing, yes, I can have a meltdown, but I can pick myself back up, crafting a new world and life around me that is better for me, and others that are in my life. I’m leaving negativity and toxicity behind me, I’m not going to allow the shadows to creep around me. Yeah, sure, I still have that raven flying overhead, but that’s manageable.

It’s just a time to be myself, and be the best version of that self that I have ever presented to the world.


One thought on “übermensch.

  1. Meh, we are all entitled to the odd strop. These happy clappy types are worrisome…it’s like the Stepford Wives have come to life and they are VERY motivated, in the zone and thinking blue clouds. Then they turn the computer off and real life begins 😉 Positivity is good but nobody is perfect so forgive yourself for being human…trust me, I’m menopausal 😃


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