Hygge Bath.

Hygge is attributed as being for the individual and being for a group, although the latter is possibly overlooked with people trying to capture a sense of comfort wrapped up in knits with just one other person. It is, however, still vastly open to interpretation because of the lack of direct translation, but it’s worth noting that singularly, you could have the most uplifting, happiness-creating, comfort-laden experiences, and it can all start in your bath tub.

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Hygge is often described as taking the time to light a candle or two on the dark evenings, so let’s start there: lighting candles. They help to set the mood to any unwinding bath, and those who love a good bath, more definitely have an arsenal of candles lying around nearby. It is however, sometimes quite a precarious job placing candles around a bathroom as to not set light to your towels, and also not singe any hairs on your legs whilst stretching out. So what is the best way to create the ambience? Well, that’s all about backlighting, seriously. Place candles behind you in the bathroom to create a mystery in the way they flicker, and avoiding the staring at the flame distractions.

If you live alone, as I do, you can also light candles outside the bathroom and just leave the door open. There is the added warning of “never leave a candle unattended”, but I should trust most will have placed candles in safe places. The candles outside of the bathroom can create an added warmth that can beckon you out of the bath once you’ve done relaxing, because let’s face it, sometimes we would rather stay in the bath than venture out into a cold and uninviting space, even if it is your own house and you’ve spend hundreds if not thousands getting the place to look just right.

So, now we’ve set the scene, the ambience is just right, we need to find some relaxing sounds to compliment the dancing shadows. This is where it takes a bit of searching and a good knowledge of what suits you better. I abandoned Apple Music earlier in the year in favour of Spotify Premium, and I find it a lot easier to set the mood with some of the Spotify playlists you can easily lay your hands on. Especially when it comes to relaxing. And that’s what you want to type in to the search bar: “Relaxing”


Don’t be pressing play just yet though! We need to make sure everything else is in order, and this is where you have to plan ahead now. So, you’re going to get a bath, what will you wear once you’re out? Time to select your comfort clothes! There once was a time when my comfort clothes was just a big massive baggy jumper. It was my go-to comfort wear, but I have recently invested in a lovely dressing gown (it’s fleece) and that is my current go-to comfort clothing. But it’s all in the personal choice: are you a pyjamas kinda person or are you jumper and trackies kinda guy? You need to decide and get that kit laid out on your bed for when you emerge from your bath.

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Next step: the in-bath drink! This is where you can play it safe with milky tea, or a hot cocoa, or go “all out” with a little tipple. Drinking in the bath is perhaps not always the most advisable of pastimes but as grown adults, I expect you know not to take a full bottle of wine in there with you – come on, just one large glass would suffice! This is all dependent on how indulgent you wish to be in your hygge bath. A glass of wine is good, but what about a small tumbler of spiced rum? Or perhaps some warm apple cider? It’s about creating that sense of comfort and you’re going to know which drink you have to get “wasted” and which one you drink to just feel good on the inside. My personal choice here is a little tumbler of spiced rum – and we’re only talking like one or two fingers depth on that tumbler, not a full blown to the brim treat.

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Right, we’ve completed the first four steps of what turns out to be a five step programme into creating a hygge bath experience, and here we are, the fifth and final step: the bath itself! This may seem pointless, but it’s a necessary step, and one where I get to preach once more about my favourite things to add into a bath! Lush Ltd, my favourite bath product company, create a myriad of lovely things to add into the water to make it that little bit more special, and that’s what, in my experience, a lot of non-lush-regulars use the shop for; a little treat. So, with that in mind, Lush Ltd is your hygge bath treat!

The attack on the senses that most people complain about if you’re not a regular can be hard to overcome at first, but trust me, there are plenty of little gems to soothe, calm and relax you in the bath and it’s all dependent on what you prefer once more. Today, I’m going to overlook the obvious lavender infused collection of products that are designed specifically to relax you and send you into the land of nod, because that not what this bath is about. Instead, I’m going to give you some recommendations on the spicy, hyggeligt products that will just complete your bath for the better.

We have to bear in mind though, that not all of these products and available year round, but I’m smart enough to list the ones that are as well. Let us begin with Yoga Bomb, this is perhaps designed to send you to sleep, but equally it is designed to relax you, as yoga should. Here, it is the sandalwood that will chill you out and create a comforting feeling as the colours surround you in the bath. Failing that, you can always grab a Fizzbanger, with it’s apple notes and cinnamon vibes to create all year bathing warmth. Seasonally here, you can always grab a Lord of Misrule, around from autumn to Christmas and is an absolute favourite of mine complete with patchouli and black pepper oil to send you into another realm of comfort – and if you’re drink of choice was a glass of red wine, the colours will compliment the bath well!

If bath bombs aren’t your thing and you prefer bubbles, then I’ve got you covered too. You can grab yourself a Karma bubble bar, again, complete with patchouli and available all year round. Another patchouli laden gift is the bubble bar Blue Skies and Fluffy White Clouds, or ‘Blue Skies’ for short. Seasonally here, from the Halloween range, you have Sparkly Pumpkin bubble bar, complete with citrusy and spicy notes, I recently fell in love with the warming sensation this bubble bar brought to my bath. Another seasonal addition to your bubbles is Ruby Red Slippers – this doesn’t describe itself as cinnamon infused, but I can tell you, if definitely has that cinnamon warmth in there once it’s melted away and sprouted the bubbles you desire.

And so there you have it, one hyggeligt bath experience and the way to achieve some alone time, that chills you out to your core. Once you’re out the bath and dressed in your comfort clothes, don’t forget to carry on the experience with more hyggeligt experiences, with more candles, more comforts and extra relaxation.


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