Layer Up.

It’s definitely reached that time of the year when one reaches for the knitwear before anything else, and that to me, is bliss. I am far more comfortable wrapped up in thick layers of wool than strolling around in t-shirts and shorts. To me, Autumn and Winter are the better month, because it’s acceptable to stay inside, and it’s also about being warm and cosy, rather than baking in the sunlight.

Don’t get me wrong, I love to worship the Sun just as much as anyone else who tans easily, but there is definitely something more inviting about the cold nip in the air and the Autumn fashions. Cable knit will forever be a favourite, and oversized clothing is a must, and so it should be no surprise that I have in my possession, a very long, custom made scarf for this season.

Oh yes, we’re back to a little bit of friendly promotion but first, a little back story of why exactly I had to rely on my good friend to create this piece of knitwear for me.

I am 6’3″ tall, and when it comes to finding long and luxurious scarves, it’s actually quite difficult to get the right length on my body. It may sound strange but it’s true. When you seen all these models wearing lovely scarves that drape nicely round their shoulders and down their fronts, it evokes Autumn, but in reality on me, they don’t look so long and luxurious. I decided that I had to do some research and found that the average scarf length rarely topped much more over 5′. That’s no good to me!

I realised that in order for me to create the perfect Autumn look for me, it was time I made some demands. They were more like requests, but I realised that in order for me to get the look I wanted out of a scarf, it would have to be longer than me. Cue the 7′ by 1′ scarf. Yes, 84″ by 12″ worth of wool, all to wrap around me!

So, who am I going to turn to, in order to create my knitwear dream? Yes, you’ve guessed it, Daniel! As a matter of fact, the scarf was the first request I made, followed by the cushions seen here. Whenever it comes to anything I want this guy to make, I give my own exacting instructions of how it should be, and then add to the end that colour choices are ultimately up to him with what shade of yellow, or brown he was to use. He ultimately always gets it right with very little input from me, as my only guide was “rusty” for this scarf and he got it on point. The scarf was delivered by hand when Daniel came to visit me and had a talk for the blog, so I saved on  delivery costs there, but I paid for the scarf as I do with all the designs I ask of him to create.

But this is what Daniel does. Scarves are his thing, and you can easily pick them up from his online store, but you can also still make special requests like the one I made, to your exacting specifications like mine. That is what makes him so great to work with and order from, he will give you a good price for what you’re asking and in return, you get the best product you could wish for from him.


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