Lord of Misrule.

The great thing about Lush, is that sometimes, they get it right, and bring back the right products year after year. Unfortunately, they sometimes get it wrong and don’t bring back things like Glögg or Grass but I’m slowly learning to forgive them.


Lord of Misrule comes in a few guises, from this shower cream to a colour changing bath bomb, and it’s great. For me, it’s great because again, it explores the spicier and less floral side of a company that cranks up the floral notes for most things. Don’t get me wrong, floral can be good, but for me it’s just not the one.

Not only that, the original Lord of Misrule, as in the deity named such (Dionysus) is a complete rebel, partier and all round beast, as well as a personal idol.

Whilst the shower cream is this lovely green creamer cleaner for your body, the bath bomb is a complete game changer. Think it’s going to be green? Think again. Whilst the outside is green, the combination of all the layers eventually give you this deep red wine colour, which also happens to be Dionysus’ favourite tipple, although it’s not mine (unless it’s a Merlot or Pinot Noir and I’m not expected to drink the whole bottle alone).

I have vowed that this year I shall spend the money to stock up on this shower cream so that I can have it all year round rather than just for the season.


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