Interior Three: Autumn Lounge.

Some people would argue that it’s not necessary to change the way you lay out your home dependent on the seasons, but I’d argue that it’s something people should consider. You see, you decorate a room, place objects around the place and you get used to them being there. It soon grows tiresome, and so for me, it’s a requirement to have a couple of bits that are put into storage, and brought out at certain times of the year.

For example: what’s the use of a blanket/throw on a sofa arm during summer when it’s warm anyway? It should be put away and kept for the cooler months to snuggle under.

For me, a blanket is important for the colder months so that you can either wrap yourself up in it, or that you can snuggle under it with a significant other. It’s inviting and creates comfort, especially if you get it right and source a nice, soft blanket that you can also happily stroke for comfort.

The keen eyed amongst you may also notice some additional frames behind the sofa. All six frames house something particularly important: flowers from my mother’s wedding, a pocket watch from my father’s wedding, flowers from my sister’s wedding, my late grandfather’s wedding ring, a cork from the a bottle of champagne when I first moved into the house and the last currently houses a little trinket of no significance whilst I find something worthwhile to go inside it. It’s a curated little capsule of important times in my life and the lives of my family.

The dining table that is also in my lounge gets it’s own treatment in Autumn, that again changes at Christmas. During the warmer months it’s littered with my collection of mini cacti but during autumn it’s now the home to my new copper/white porcelain mushrooms that I managed to find in TK Maxx. It’s about a marriage of concepts, and copper most definitely runs throughout the house, but these were a great find and fit in with the concept of an autumnal centrepiece without cracking out wooden troughs strewn with votive candles and fake moss.

The fireplace in my lounge is something I consider a bit of inconvenience now, but I can’t go getting rid of it just yet. However, I have recently customised it to be a bit more of a focal point with a strip of LED lights under the bottom to give more of a fiery glow.

During Spring/Summer, I do like to have fresh flowers on the fireplace, because they won’t be killed off by the heat and they look nice, but when it gets to the colder months, again, I don’t like fresh flowers. It just doesn’t seem right when everything is dying outside anyway. So, jumping the gun a little, I fill a different vase with cinnamon scented pinecones, usually reserved for Christmas, but cinnamon to me is definitely an autumn scent too.


Whilst these pieces have been moved from the top of the fireplace, they’re also part of the grand autumnal alternate look of the lounge. Some apple and butterscotch potpourri complete with some more fungi finds from TK Maxx now stand in place of two bigger cacti that randomly perished after three years of being with me.



A few years ago, I saw some cable knit cushion covers, but they were in this pale grey, that you could argue would work in my lounge, but it’s not what I wanted. Luckily, I do have some talented friends in my arsenal and they are more often than not, very happy to help me out achieving my vision. So cue Daniel, and his amazing knits! I asked him to help me out, and he did with these yellow beauties. It’s a complete custom order as he tends to just knit fashion pieces, and not homewares, but he was a saviour and knitted these for £40 a piece. “£40 a piece?!” I hear you scream, with me agreeing that yes, they cost a combined £80 to complete my vision.

Why would I agree to pay so much for something like these? Well first off, they completed my vision, secondly, it supports a creative person in their own business endeavours and he does produce good quality products, and thirdly, Daniel is a good friend and I should support him in any way that I can. I think the price is just, and it does complete a vision that I was adamant had to be created – and those that visit can honestly see the amount of effort I have put into making this plain old house, into a home.

You can contact and commission pieces from Daniel via his branded instagram that can be found here.


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