Something Wicked.

So, I am partially late to the Lush Halloween party, but…that is what happens when you end up working a very long week of 12 hour days that happened to take place across the whole launch. But never mind, I’m here now, and what joys this can bring.


What we are talking about today is the Pumpkin bathbomb and Sparkly Pumpkin bubblebar. I’m not usually one for bubble bars, but anything that has a copper or gold sheen must be good.

So let’s take them as two individual products first, and in the order one adds them to the bath. Sparkly Pumpkin is a great little warm and spicy thing to me, and dissolves creating bubbles with ease, and the orange that the water turns is nice and what you expect a pumpkin to look like. The Pumpkin bath bomb on the other hand, has the citrus notes that you just need to have that sense of freshness on this crisper autumnal evenings. Mine fizzed away quickly which is unusual for most of the product range, but still create a lovely scent when combined with the Sparkly Pumpkin. A sort of spicy cocktail that when I think of it, would have suited a little tumbler of spiced rum as a bathing drink.


When Lush do a celebration, they always get it right, and this Halloween so far, doesn’t seen to be much of an exception. Whilst I don’t buy into the bath melts (too oily for my liking) or the shimmer based products (there’s a limit to the glitter I enjoy), the rest of the range seems to hit the nail on the head just perfectly. In my upcoming posts about this scent-sational part of the year, I’ll end up talking about the other products, including what will clearly become a favourite of mine, the Autumn Leaf…but I also have the Christmas launch on Saturday to get through too!


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