It’s been popping up all over the place for the last few years, and never more so than right now when everyone is trying to capture the sense of a word that just simply cannot be translated into plain English. I, for one, have been one of those people trying to capture the sense of the word and it wasn’t until I read this little book (The Book of Hygge), that I realised I pretty much already had it locked down.

So what is Hygge? It is primarily the sense of being comfortable, or creating comfort in everything you do, bout finding happiness in the everyday and just relishing in the good things you have in your life. It’s about making time for yourself, your family and friends, your life in general, and you can’t force a sense of hygge. Oh no. It just comes naturally when you don’t keep having to try.


Of course, it is completely open to interpretation to yourself, it is individual, and this book is not intended to give you guidelines of what to do to live a hygge life, it merely points out what a hygge life is, and you have to fit the rest of it together.

To put it in it’s most simple terms, it is about just creating comfort. So for me, creating that, is nestling down in my nice big blanket, and just relaxing, not particularly doing anything except brewing fresh batches of coffee, and make cooking up some breakfast, lunch or dinner. When I’m around other people, it’s about just generally welcoming them into my home and making sure they don’t have to ask me for anything, they can freely roam as long as they don’t open too many drawers.

When I decorated my lounge, as explained briefly in a recent post, it was about creating a comfortable place, and that was achieved with dark and bold colours, and making sure everything was comfortable and practical, so that everyone could be together in a small space.

Hygge, in this day and age, is really just about reconnecting with the basics. Not being glued to your phone in some fantasy world, but really, just exploring what we already have, and who we are. There is great comfort to be taken by taking time out for ourselves, and giving some really positive time to the people around us.



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