Ocean Salt.

Recent news has reported that the UK Government is making motions to ban the use of microbeads (little pieces of plastic, more prolific in face scrubs) in cosmetics by the end of 2017 after environmental experts believe they are now gathering in our oceans and entering the food chain – yum, eating plastic has to be healthy for you. It has, however, been a very long time since I used such a product, because of this beauty…


This is Ocean Salt from Lush. Oh yeah, more Lush recommendations. So what is it? Well..it’s sea salt essentially. A few essential oils, dash of vodka (well lime extract in vodka) and it is a natural face and body scrub. You see, salt dissolves in water, and thus this just washes away with the water, without a trace. No little beads of plastic, and if it ends back in the ocean…well it’s back where the salt belongs, only to re-enter it’s cycle, be harvested once again and find it’s way back into a Lush product.

I was introduced to this some years ago, and have endeavoured to use it since. What is true about me is that I have been a bit of an eco-warrior for a while, only further enhanced via recent developments in my ethical beliefs. The idea of it was to emulate a Margarita, and who doesn’t like a quick cocktail in the bath?

Ocean Salt does actually really work, and I use it regularly to try to and keep my skin looking as flawless as possible (don’t get too close). Beard wise, it’s the same effect as Cup o’ Coffee and the little bits of salt do find their way into the beard and stick there, so I use this before I jump in the shower, so that I can really clear it out of there, but for the non-bearded folk amongst you, it’s a good exfoliator.

Pick yours up for in your local Lush store, or click here to pick it up from their website.


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