The Woodsman.

Back in January of this year, I had a desire to grow my beard longer than before and craft a new image, that ultimately I decided was perhaps too hipster and not really me. As part of that little divergence, I decided to buy some beard oil, but not some obvious choice, I went trawling Etsy for someone who was based in the UK, and the closer to me, the better. Reality was, no one close to me was really crafting up any beard oil, so I ultimately settled on this little gem: The Audacious Beard Co: The Woodsman.

Now, I like my scents, on the most part, to be that earthy sort of smell that ultimately evokes the imagery of just setting down in a log cabin, out in the middle of some wood that aren’t haunted by witches, devils or generally the undead. That too, can be construed as hipster, I get it, but for me, that has literally been my ideal for the last 15 years – even as a getaway.

That is what The Woodsman Beard Oil actually does, and that is it’s intention. There’s the earthy aromas in there, a bit of spice, and to me, a few notes of citrus, and it is great.

However, I don’t wear this oil all the time, because my skin is the stupid sort that any overuse of anything that is “oily” makes patches of my relatively normal balanced skin, super oily and I end up breaking out…but a break out to me is two spots instead of one. So I limit my use of beard oil (and also have at least a day or two of not styling my hair for the same purposes).

This beard oil however, does more than soften and fragrance the beard. Like with most aromatic additions to our persons, it’s about creating a feeling. When I start to feel my mood ebb, and begin to drop, I know that getting a bath, drying off, putting on some shorts or lounge trousers, and a few sprays of Viktor & Rolf’s Spicebomb, as well as a rub down of my beard with The Woodsman is enough to slow the fleeing tide of my good feeling.

So, I encourage you to get some beard oil, if you are that way inclined, and my recommendation is The Woodsman from The Audacious Beard Co.


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