Interior Two: Washroom.

Am I really writing a post based purely off the decoration of my downstairs toilet? Yes. Yes I am. But first, let me flex my general knowledge in public and talk about the history of the downstairs bathroom.

Some may view it as a luxury, but it’s actually quite a common thing, especially in the north at least, to have a downstairs bathroom. The history of it is quite plain and simple, but some people don’t understand it and think that some others were thick and just didn’t plan building a house properly. Incorrect. When it comes down to it, the downstairs bathroom has it’s roots in the old style out-house toilets. When it came to expanding a house, the footprint for these outhouses were used to warrant the boundaries of new extensions, because the plumbing was already there.

Thus, you often find an extension downstairs to accommodate new bathrooms, rather than double storey extensions. Sometimes you do find the old outhouses at back and then a cramped bathroom upstairs, but yeah, the history is, people basically ended downstairs to the boundaries of existing toilets because it was cheaper for the plumbing.

That’s now what has occurred in my home. It was purpose built to house a downstairs toilet and upstairs bathroom, and like the rest of my house, it was painted magnolia. Not cool, and I was very bored of the majority of my new home being painted in this way. But, awesome landlords are awesome and given me some free-license with the decoration of the house.

Is a toilet really that important? Yes, because it’s used by my guests rather than them having the chance to invade the upstairs and my bedroom. Don’t I trust my friends and family? Yes, I do trust them, but I don’t trust myself that I haven’t left something out or not straightened something up, whilst the downstairs is always in perfect order.

So, where do we begin? The basic go-to bathroom colour range: blues! Oh yeah, so imaginative with this! I did struggle to decide what colour to pick, but in the end I settled for Eau De Nil from the B&Q Colours range. It was on offer at the time, but they do offers quite a lot on this range, so take a look at their website for the latest. What I wanted to do though was to do something different (and use the least amount of paint as possible as I was using the same colour upstairs too), so I decided to mark off an angle on the way you walk in to, as well as paint the wall the sink was on.

The mirror is from Wilkos and cost me £10 (I bought two, one for each bathroom) and bought them for the porthole effect because I am a sucker for nautical bathrooms – not very original I know. A little extra note, the star shaped soap at the sink is from Lush, and is their Rockstar soap.

The house shaped shelves you can see on the wall, are from The Range, I saw them once, and never again, so I’m unclear on whether or not they stock them still, but I felt they went well for the nautical/beach feel (as if they were beach huts). On them are a reed diffuser from Catalan (£6), and a vase from Asda Living which has ‘nautical roses’ on it (£6).

The canvas of fish was a quick glance, and struggle to reach piece again from The Range, it’s in stores but not online, so you’ll have to go find it for yourself. Now, around the back of the house, both upstairs and downstairs, I have add this extra frosting to the bottom half of the windows to add extra privacy. It’s great, don’t block any light coming through and I picked it up really easily from eBay – I don’t do expensive things to every room of this house because I don’t have the money, so it’s cheap and cheerful, but I think that’s what the average home should be!

The window recess though, is another dollop of colour, as I have painted the inside of it the same Eau De Nil colour as the rest of the bathroom. The vase was a TK Maxx find. I really struggled to find the right piece to go in here, because I am quick picky, so I took my time to find it and funnily enough didn’t compromise. I know I wanted a vase, but I was of the mind, once I find the right vase, I’ll know…and that’s what happened for £9.99 (I was prepared to pay more for the right piece though).

No one uses this bathroom all that regularly though, because I don’t have many visitors anymore, and it’s also now storage for my bike whilst I decide whether or not I want to sacrifice room in my yard for a shed or not. But, it’s still done for when it goes back into use again; because ultimately that’s what I want.


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