When it comes to Lush products, I tend to now keep quiet about which ones I love because ultimately, when I profess to loving them, they’re discontinued and I’m left wanting more. This has happened with Grass shower gel and the full emotibomb collection. It’s also happened with a number of bath bombs in the past, as well as soaps and the likes.

Grass was my favourite of all shower gels, because it was the right balance of earthy and floral, and it was just summer in a bottle. Oh how I have tried to recapture this loving scent for me, but alas, there’s been no luck. I know that the die hard Lush blogs will say “But Ted, it’s been on the Lush Kitchen!” and that’s all well and good, but I want the ease of just going into my local store and picking it up amongst my other chosen favourites.

So, what is a guy to do? The closest thing to summer was a peachy little glittery number that wasn’t as nice as Grass by any shot. And what about the glitter? The glitter?!!?

I do have somewhat of a distain for Lush and their new overuse of lustre in almost every product when it was once reserved for a special few. However, if I want to continue buying this stuff, I’m just going to accept that I am going to be coated in glitter ones in a while.

And now onto the product in question: Beautiful.

It’s peachy scent does give way to the feeling of summer, although you quickly get used to it and it just feels like fruit more than summer after about two washes. And the glitter, that doesn’t stick to you thankfully, and it’s purpose is clearly just for something sparkly in there to go with the ‘beautiful’ label, and what is more beautiful that glitter anyway? It is thankfully a thicker constituency than Olive Branch, which was watery and not the greatest shower gel although lathers and softens nicely.

Beautiful is just that though, it is beautiful, although not a sustainable summer fragrance for myself. I much prefer the less fruity and more earthy smells and so it will not be the replacement to Grass that I have been searching for.

At the moment, I have a fair few shower gels on the go though. From the marshmallowy Prince Charming from Valentines, Yuzu and Cocoa which is lovingly indulgent, Olive Branch which I’ve just spoken about, and Dirty Springwash which is always a good wake up call. All of these, except Prince Charming are available through the Lush website or your local store – I always think it best to go in store to pick out the best of the bunch, talk to the staff and just try to find a new favourite.


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