Instant Avoidance.

I work pretty long hours, from 6am to 6pm or, 6pm to 6am. Twelve hour shifts have been the norm since I started working after University, and I have to say, I’m used to it by now. What I am also used to, is that fact that, waking up early, never really agrees with me, and that in doing this, I need something to wake me up in the morning.

For years, my go-to solution has always been coffee, but as time has progressed, my reliance has increased, to the point I’d be drinking 8 cups of instant coffee a day, and adding 2 sugars to each! 16 spoons of sugar a day just in my drinks! The horror!

I have however, had a progressive awakening over the last few weeks that the reason I kept getting indigestion and acid reflux was down to the huge amounts of instant coffee I had been drinking, and I vowed to avoid drinking it. I will say that I have largely stuck to this except for the other day when no amount of green tea or peppermint and nettle tea was going to bring me to life – but I regretted the instant drink immediately.

From acid reflux, to indigestion, to random bloating, my over-drinking of instant coffee clearly wasn’t helping me and my desire to live a healthier life. In fact, it was perhaps more of a hindrance than anything else. Peppermint tea I can handle, the extra flavour in the cups helps it go down my gullet at lot easier, however, green tea – boy, that is a different story.

I don’t know what it is, but it lacks anything tasty about it. It also lacks any allure except the perceived health benefits of detoxing the body. When it comes to normal tea, I just can’t drink it either though, so the two are perhaps related, but nevertheless, for the last two weeks at least, I have chugged down on it in a bid to feel better inside and out.

At home, I don’t buy instant coffee, and rely purely on coffee grounds to get by on my daily life. But even my consumption of that has decreased to a mere single cup a day. Why? I have no idea, because I enjoy the fresh coffee over anything else, but perhaps it is the unadulterated caffeine buzz from just that one cup that my body goes into over drive and I get on with my day running on just that.

With this new tea-drinking-at-work malarky though, I find that it does take a little longer to get on with my day and that although I wish it took just one mug, we’re looking closer to perhaps two or three. Is it the placebo that I know it’s not coffee and thus can’t function with my day until I feel I’ve drank enough? It could be possible. Whilst I have a mind of my own, it is open to suggestion more than I care to admit, and that suggestion that I somehow now lack what I need for my day compared to what I was getting before with the indigestion is plausible.

There are however, other side effects witnessed to this new choice of beverage. Coupled with a new exercise regimen and a renew diet plan, I have appeared to have slimmed down more than before. Clothes are fitting a lot better, I feel a lot better looking at myself in the mirror without anything on except maybe a pair of socks. So whilst I miss my at-work-coffee-buzz, I am happy to forego it when I don’t feel bloated, like there’s burning acid in my throat or like I’m having a mini heart attack all because I am not drinking instant coffee.

Plus, it’s my belief instant coffee is factory floor sweepings but anyway, yay, tea!


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