This picture is actually fairly old now, being taken in January when I had come home from a random night shift and decided in order to stay awake that I’d bake in the early hours. But it i still relevant, and without me trying to take the right picture right now, I’ve opted to use one from the archives. However, today’s topic is nudity. Or nudism. Or whatever you want to infer from what I have to say.

So, what do I have to say about being naked? Well apart from the obvious, it’s a very freeing experience, there are a lot of lessons you can take away from your naked body. But first, I want to talk about why it’s deemed to be so wrong to be naked.

This is again, something from a religious text and the inherent shame that has been passed down from generation to generation. The naked body was deemed to only be seen during sexual intercourse, and so, along with women’s breasts and the placid men’s penis, the naked body became sexualised. Is that right? Not in my opinion. You have to take the nudity into context. If there is no sexual intercourse happening, no clear arousal, then the naked body, is just a naked body. It is not sexual in the slightest.

Nudity is the natural state of being, and also cost effective in both clothing options and laundry duties. I am a lazy launder and would prefer not having to wash the contents of my wardrobe if I’m spending the day at home. That, coupled with visiting nudist beaches in my youth, and you have the perfect cocktail of a champion of nudity.

The revelation that I align myself with nudism is of old, if you’ve been reading my many blogs in the past, but it is true. I’d happily declare that I am a nudist in the correct situational contexts of the world. It’s not like I’m about to walk out into my yard without a stitch on whilst there’s children next door, or go walking to the shops in the same manner. You have to choose your times, and for me, I’m an at home nudist. That’s not to say that if I found myself on a nudist beach I’d be modest and cover up. If I was in a nudist designated safe place, I’d also happily disrobe and be nude.

It does stem from my childhood however. But not in a way that some people would construe as being wrong or abusive. I wasn’t made to be nude around people, but my father and step-mother frequented a local nude beach and I’d happen to go along sometimes and also be nude. This was until puberty began and the body consciousness set in. However, as time has passed and I have grown to accept my body for how I’ve made it, nudism has come back to me.

There is definitely a bonus to living alone, and being able to sleep nude, wake up and go about my daily business nude. I would prefer not to wear clothes for a lot longer out of the day, and so my days off when I am alone and have nothing else to do, I’ll still be nude.

It is a learning experience. Being nude, you see all the things that your clothes cover up. The cover up either exaggerates or underplays some of your natural qualities, and it is nice to begin to understand that, regardless of toned and tanned bodies in the media, your body isn’t as bad as it seems. And it is all about acceptance; you have to accept that this is your body, and what better way to do it than to look at it’s natural being.

Now, time for the male specific lesson: don’t look down, find a mirror and look directly at it. The problem with the male appendage, is that is hangs down, and so you just get a glimpse of it, and it does often look smaller from an ariel view. However, looking at it directly in the mirror shows you, in context to your body, the actual size of the matter. But remember, size doesn’t matter, its the motion in the ocean apparently so don’t fret.

Being nude is also a great opportunity to take into account, what you want from your body. There’s nothing wrong being the way that it is now, but if you want to make changes, start with the basic template: your nude body. After that, then you can consider the way clothes will look on it, but it’s still all about what’s underneath.

So, this is all about being nude, and how I, would happily be an advocate for it along with Kale. I enjoy being nude, I enjoy my naked body. I know myself better from being nude and I know who I am from the experience.


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