Interior One: Bedroom Details

Do I think people really care about the details of my bedroom? No, probably not, but I’ve had people compliment my design decisions, and sometimes I wish it was a bit more obvious where things were from when it comes to this sort of stuff, so this is what this is. Not interested? Tune out.


So let’s start with the feature image. This is my little copper bear, was he always copper? No. It was a white ceramic ornament that my sister bought me for Christmas, on my request (she actually bought me two). They were from Asda Living, and unfortunately, aren’t sold anymore, but nevertheless, I took this little lovely and to make sure he blended in with the many copper elements of my room, I painted him with a “worn penny” metallic that I picked up from Hobbycraft for £2.50. He took a good few coats, but now he sits proudly on the highest cube floating shelf near the bed.

As it comes to wall adornments, I had to find a balance that reflected the proposed “log cabin” feel, whilst not dominating the walls with more things that conflicted with the wallpaper. So the canvas above the bed was from The Range, and cost £14.99, the two smaller tree canvases were £1.50 each from a Dove House Hospice charity shop. The circular mirror was from Matalan, but oddly isn’t online, but is in store for £18.00 and becomes the 4th mirror in my house. Not vain honest. Below this, you’ll see two candle sticks, also copper, that were from Asda Living too (again, they don’t sell them anymore) but they cost me £7 in the January sales. The candle between them I picked up for £7 from TK Maxx but more on that another time.


I liked my bed as it was, but I actually spend a fair amount of time in it relaxing, and two pillows just isn’t enough, so I picked up some bigger cushions for decor and also practical, comfortable relaxing. The two grey ones are from B&M and were two for £10, and the two red ones (that are so comfortable it’s untrue) were £7 each from Matalan again.

The window needed some serious redressing when everything had been done. The landlords had put in cream blinds in every room, that were great but let so much light in that once it started getting to the warmer months, it was impossible to sleep in late. So I measured them up and got the slats made and delivered to me just shy of £40, rather than pay upwards of £50 for the full lot. The basket below them is what I use for laundry and was £5.99 from Home Bargains (and technically is a ‘log basket’ but it goes in my room too well) and the four votives were little discoveries for £3 in total from a garden centre nearby. They feature overlapping tree designs and they are truly beautiful when the candles are going inside.

All other the dressing for the room was addressed in the first post about my bedroom, but to make it easier, you can click here to read it now. The only difference is that the insides of the floating cube shelves have now been painted the ‘worn penny’ colour to link that copper colour to the walls in place.


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