Here Comes The Summer Sun.

The British weather is often felt to be quite hard to predict, but to me, I know full well, that when everyone can be getting ready to have a good time in the sun, I’ll be stuck in a building that I work in and I inevitably always miss out on the nice weather. It’s just a given.

So I quite kindly put on my Facebook, that should the weather be rubbish today, then I would rampage and cause all manner of trouble as it’s my first day off with the weather being so nice. Every bank holiday I work, it’s good weather, the bank holidays I don’t, you can bet your bottom dollar that the weather is nice and bright.

It is a blessing that today however, I am off work, and the weather has been delightful. The whole plan was to have a lovely summer breakfast, but I woke up late and opted just for an egg and toast for breakfast instead as we had to rush out the door to get my boyfriend to work on time; the summer breakfast has been postponed until tomorrow.

But I haven’t let the rest of the day go to waste. I’ve had my hair cut because it was the unruly nest that was still stuck in it’s Winter/Spring phase, and I have begun to work out again, in preparation for a summer body…for several years time.

I have however, had the opportunity to sit outside in the blazing sun, in my yard, at the table my boyfriend bought for me, and it’s been lovely. Even when my neighbour and her son came out, it was still lovely. She turned to me and said that she wanted to clean her yard because mine put hers to shame, but in all honesty, I just sweep it every week and I’ve possibly poured about ten litres of bleach on the concrete to get rid of the green tinge it was sporting.


It has also given me a reason to start using the Nespresso machine again. I’m not one for espressos most of the time, but they actually come in handy when it comes to making a quick “iced coffee” – one espresso shot, a glass full of ice and then I topped it off with soya milk. It’s bliss, to me, who is a coffee lover, and actually rarely has milk in his coffee.

My herbs are growing wild at the moment too, so at least this has given me chance to look at them and decide the best course of action to preserve them (time to get snipping, drying and chopping!).


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