Big Blue Yonder

I am quite the fan of Lush, and it upsets me sometimes that a lot of the products have been revamped to include lustre which is another way of saying glitter. I’m not adverse to glitter, but I don’t want it in everything, and that’s what you currently get with a lot of the company’s bath bombs that remained, for a long while, relatively glitter free.

Big Blue is potentially one that will never get a glitter make over, thankfully. I originally never liked this bomb because of the seaweed that’s in it and you have to fish it out of the plug hole once you’re done, but don’t let that put you off.

This little ball of bicarb is quite lovely. It’s a fast fizzer, but it turns the water this beautiful lagoon blue, with the seaweed floating and then sinking. If you are hairy, prepare to have to fish out seaweed from your leg hairs however, but it does get caught. But the scent of this bomb is stereotypically masculine compared to other scents, and it’s actually quite lovely and relaxing.

It contains sea salt, which I actually enjoy in Lush products because it’s nice to enliven the skin. As well as that, it contains lemon and lavender oil. I love both lemon and lavender, and whenever they’re together, I’m often found in a dream – and these are the relaxing parts of the bomb.

I fall in and out of having baths. They’re more time consuming and I don’t always have the time, but I’m happy to take time out every now and then, providing I have a bath bomb and this little beauty will be a new staple along with the Yoga Bomb.

To shop at Lush you can do it online, but it’s worth the trip into a store because the staff are enthusiastic and very helpful. To buy this specific bath bomb online, you can just click here.



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