Poodle Parlour.

Being a hairy man can sometimes have it’s draw backs, but is being hairy really that bad? Who should tell you how to have your body hair? How long your beard should be? No one can really tell you, you have to know what’s right for you. Your own grooming ritual must be personalised, from your hair to your nails. Now, I’m not bout to start preaching about getting mani-pedi’s all of a sudden, but investing in the right things can help you achieve the best results.

Now, my beard only grow in certain places, but it can grow long and bushy, and whilst I like it at a certain length, eventually I get irritated by the way it curls in the wrong place and stick out in others, and it never seems to match up with my sideburns, but that might be because of wearing my glasses. Same with the air on my chest and belly. I let it grow to a certain length but then it needs a trim, to grade 3. Everything.

I don’t think there’s anything wrong with being hairier than that, or even less hairy. It’s all subjective; sometimes it looks better to be hairy, other times, not. It’s all about personal style and choice.

The same goes for nails. It’s a personal choice one length and how you maintain these. I sometimes bite my nails, just because it’s easier and I often don’t notice them until moments of boredom when I don’t have any nail clippers to hand. Then ultimately, the day after, I’ll need my nails for a ring pull on some tin and then I’m searching around for a knife to do the job instead. Swings and roundabouts I guess.

But equally, this is another thing that is subjective. Some guys like their nails long, sometimes short, some guys like to paint them and other’s don’t. It’s all up to you.

Personally, however, I think it’s important to invest in the right tools. From hair trimmers to nail clippers, combs, scissors and flannels, you need that arsenal there for those times that you’re going out and need to tidy yourself up.

My nail clippers where a table present one Christmas (yeah, we’re a family that do that) and the flannels were bought to match my new towels when I chose to get rid of all my teal ones because an old flame said that it reminded them of me and in turn, they then reminded me of him. My hair clippers are relatively new. I had bought a cordless set for Brave the Shave for Macmillan last year, but they last 6 months and then I just had to chuck them. So now I’ve invested in a set of Remington ColourCut clippers for about £15, but they’re good, and I don’t think they’ll go the way of my old clippers. And I use them for my body and my beard, but the days of cutting my own hair have gone – I got to the barbers at the top of my road for that.

So, in short, invest in the tools and find your routine. When it comes to male grooming, you need to know what’s best for you. And you can always ask people’s opinions, but ultimately, make your own decision.


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