Spice Bomb!

I am a creature of habit, in the most part. I have my routines, and breaking from these can often send me off on so many tangents, that I can’t stop until I fall asleep and reset. And so, from the age of 16 to 25, I wore the same fragrance: Jean Paul Gautier Le Male (or variants therein ‘Le Beau Male’)

It was my thing, I didn’t stray, and it just became what I accepted I’d smell like on dates or on those special occasions. Did it bother me that my fragrance was routed in my late teens? Stuck in a time warp of when I came out of the closet? No, not really.

Then came 2014, a trip to Mexico and cheap Duty Free on the way back, lead me to buy something else: Bleu De Chanel, from Chanel.

That then became my thing, my new scent, and a scent I still enjoy today. However, that’s not what we are here to talk about. Oh no. In amongst the cloud of scent and smell, and because I was subjected to the finer things in life at one point, I was introduced to this beauty:


SpiceBomb from Viktor & Rolf. Shaped like a grenade, it truly was an explosive experience being introduced to this scent, albeit, through my most recent of ex-boyfriends, and his friend.

Whilst it may seem I am blowing my own trumpet, I have that type of skin, that can absorb a fragrance, and adapt to it completely, and this is what happened here. I wore it, I absorbed it, and it became mine.

As you may have guess from the name, it is truly a spice sensation. Not the type of spice as if you’ve been to the Indian, although saffron and chilli are present in the scent. But no, it’s a smooth, delicate masculine scent that just makes me feel delicious, for want of a better word.

There is everything you’d expect from a nice men’s fragrance and more. That is, compared to the harsh, alcoholic overtones of some of the other fragrances you can buy, and some people overuse. This is my go-to fragrance to lift my mood as it begins to sink. Straight after a refreshing shower, it’s on. Off to pick my boyfriend up, it’s on. Going out for a day trip, a date night, anything that warrants feeling better about oneself, it is on.

It’s become the gold standard of fragrance in my home, and seconded by Bleu De Chanel, for those family functions or friendly formalities. Le Male really has sunk to become my freshen up at work scent, and lives, battered and bruised in my work bag, beneath my charger, glasses case and whatever fruit I’ve slung in there to snack on.


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