Buy Me Flowers.

It is my personal belief, that being bought flowers is a rather big gesture, as long as they do not follow an argument. Flowers should be giving with purely good intentions that serves just one purpose: to make the recipient feel better. If you’re buying them so that you get less hassle, then put the bouquet back, or smack yourself around the head with it a la Carrie Bradshaw in the Sex And The City Movie when Big stands her up at her wedding. The shame.

Anyway, I love being bought flowers, or even just plants in general. I have an affinity with nature that when I really start to get drawn into my own mind, I can escape purely by going somewhere green, or even to somewhere that has flowing water (I am Sagittarius after all, and we’re all fire).

There is just one hitch that I now implement when I’m being bought flowers: They can be any flower, so long as they are yellow!


It is quite a garish colour, I must admit. And often, you end up with cheap looking flowers, but there is method to my madness.


Within my lounge, there is a lot of wood. To offset this and to limit the amount of decoration I actually need to do, I plan on turning the palest blue colours of the lounge, into the palest of greys. Grey and Yellow, at one point were in, although the industrial look is still somewhat a style feature.


So, to complement the dark grey sofa and mustard yellow cushions that I already have in my lounge, I decided that only yellow flowers can be on display in there. This is also partly down to the fact that I own a small collection of cacti, and they provide other hints of colour whilst still predominantly being green.

My house is quite small and thus the dining area is also in the lounge, and that is even more wood set on yellow coloured mats.

Now, there is nothing to say that other coloured flowers wouldn’t work, but I am stringent in my decisions when it comes to decor. I recently invited one of my boyfriend’s friends to come round for a drink and it was the first time we had met, and thus the first time she had been to my house, and even she complimented the choice of flowers in a well orchestrated room. And ultimately, that’s what I do it for: for people to come in and feel like this house is a complete home after having to restart from nothing.


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