Cup O’ Coffee

I won’t ever claim to be a dermatological genius, and I think often, we rely on others to tell us stuff that suits themselves, and we assume that it’s good for us too. All I’m going to say is: if you want to try this product, then do it, but you don’t have to.

Way back when, I was introduced to Lush, a UK based cosmetics company that has been founded in ethics – everything is cruelty free and largely vegetarian or vegan in origin. I have had an on-off relationship with the company based on my various states of being, but I always come back and I always love it.

Now, I haven’t had much issue with my skin, ever, so using products on it is purely for “pamper” purposes. And that’s what this product was for me. Cup o’ Coffee is a face and body mask produced by Lush, and yes, you’ve guessed it, it smells like coffee.


In fact, it has coffee grounds as part of it. All those little black spotty bits isn’t layers of dirt coming off my face, those are actually the coffee grounds! It gives an nice exfoliation to the face, and also soothes it too, with it’s silky texture. I honestly, possibly overuse this product, and I have to remind myself that I don’t need to exfoliate every day. The key is to still allow some of your body’s natural oils help it out.

Downside to being a bearded man with coffee grounds on your face, it takes a good while to washed it all out and be ground free afterwards, but I tell you something, you’ll want to eat this product up…but don’t.

For anyone who wants a pamper, and has normal skin like mine, go for this product, because it’s great. But be warned, don’t overuse it, because your ‘normal’ skin will soon become dry and irritated, and then you’ll have to find another product to counteract it!

Buy it here, or find your local Lush store and pick it up yourself – don’t forget to ask the staff for advice, they’re trained in that sort of stuff, and also, they can make their own recommendations and broaden your horizons.


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