Interior One: Bedroom

I have always had an interest in interior design, much to my mother’s dismay. Whilst I spent the majority of time at my father’s house, I only got to decorate my bedroom once every few years, but when I stayed at my mother’s I think I must have changed it at least twice a year. From rearranging furniture, to adorning the walls with new things, I always found something to do in there.

In my old flat that I moved out of in 2014, I wasn’t allowed to decorate, and the house after that was in a bit of disarray and not ready for any touches. So now I’m in my own place again, and the landlords are actually pretty cool, I can begin to add my touches to the place I plan to call home for a considerable time.

Now, I am always browsing websites like Homebase and B&Q, because I enjoy looking at the home improvements I can make. And so when I fell in love with some log styled wallpaper, I went out and bought two rolls and planned on using it exclusively in my new concept bedroom: the log cabin.

I personally find a log cabin the most romantic place on the planet, although I’ve never stayed in one (unless you include the static caravan with logs glued on at Disneyland Paris). So the idea of turning my bedroom into that was just too good to be true. So off I popped to B&Q to find a colour that would compliment my choice of wallpaper. I had stuck swatches in different areas to see how the light effected the colour (little bit of a tip there for you), and eventually settled on a colour called “Wholemeal” in B&Q’s Colour’s Range.


I had already bought other bits and pieces. My faux leather bed was bought when I moved in. Some dark wood and black gloss furniture was also already purchased and so other things had to fit. I’m lucky to live within close distances of a lot of different outlets, so I had been to Asda Living and bought two copper candlesticks that sat nice big pillar candles in – extra romance. The copper light shade was bought from B&Q also. Because of it’s shape, it takes in a lot of light, making what was a bright shining bulb into a more softly lit ball. The white bear figurine was bought by my sister for a Christmas present and I have two, one for my room and one for the lounge.

I also live close to a B&M, which is super cheap and sometimes not that great, but needs must when you’re on a budget. This is where I bought my cube shelves, that had one expressed purpose: in a room limited in space, these were to be used to move things off the floor. It works sometimes, however, it needs to be drilled into my partner not to put his things on the floor just because it’s “easier”. Everything has a place in this house.

In my old accommodation, I had picked up some ‘woodland creature’ picture for just under £5 each from The Range. Unfortunately, I didn’t get these when I moved out so I bought them again, because this is the sort of room that needs them.


All this has also called for new bedding to be bought, but like I ever needed an excuse to spend money. There are newer additions to this room yet to be photographed, so that will save for a finishing touches sort of post, but this is definitely what I love: creating something, and I have a knack for doing it all on a budget…or at least budgeting for it.


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