Like Who?

Like me!

I have been blogging for many years, and a lot of times, I have given up, deleted everything and started again. And now, I’m starting again, again, again…you get the idea.

Previously I have blogged on crafts, blogged on my life, blogged on my fitness, and eventually just lost sight of what it was I wanted to say. But I’ve taken some time to really figure out what I wanted to write about, and I know now what it is: all of the above!

So who am I? My name is Ted, I live in Yorkshire, England. I’m currently 27, I rent my home, I own my car, I work for a living (in homeless resettlement), and I am currently in a relationship with another man. That’s not say I’m going to randomly date a girl should my current relationship end, I am only interested in men in that way.

I used to have my own weird sense of style, but as I have grown up, I’ve grown out of it, and have since joined the masses in ensembles lifted from the internet. I have eaten meat for the majority of the last 27 years, but now I am a vegetarian convert (ovo-vegetarian if you want to be particular because I am lactose sensitive), and I’m enjoying exploring new ways to cook meals.

So, why do I think the world needs a blog like mine? It perhaps doesn’t, but it doesn’t hurt. We all have a right to be vocal, it is just dependent on how well we are received and whether or not it is a productive contribution, which I hope my new endeavour is.

So bookmark this blog, sign up for e-mail updates or add it to your RSS feed.

Go on! Do it now!


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